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Debt - let us help you deal with it.
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    working together to reduce your debt and reduce
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Deal with debt
Deal with debt
The global recession is affecting everyone, and many people are finding it harder and harder to deal with their debt...
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Debt in the UK
Debt in the UK
Just in 2008, there were over 13.5 million working days that were lost by people who had to take off for stress related illness...
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IVA and Utility Bills
IVA and Utility Bills
A common question out there when trying to figure out what to do about debt these days is whether or not you can...
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Debt Consolidation Case Study
Debt Consolidation Case Study
The problem facing the couple was the debts that they were having to service. Mike's basic salary just about covered ...
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Prioritise Credit Card Debt
Prioritise Credit Card Debt
If you are having problems with credit card debts or if you simply want to make a move to pay off what you owe here because...
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Tax Determination
Tax Determination
The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the United Kingdom is responsible for all of the tax returns that are filed.
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Debt free in a short period
Stop payment demands and calls
Freeze late payment charges
Single monthly payment
Improve your credit report
In case you are experiencing pressure from your creditors, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement might be right for you (where all the people you owe money agree to you paying back a smaller amount in return for a fixed and binding monthly fee).
Apply for an IVA
Debt Management
Step-by-step debt elimination
Regain control of your finances
Affordable monthly payments
Rebuild your credit history
Help to keep up with repayments
Having a DMP is a suitable approach in order to help you get rid of debt and rebuild your credit rating, by taking everything step by step.

We will listen to your debt problems, and help you to see if you have enough supplemental income from the Government or if there is anything that they can do to help as well.
Apply for Debt Management
Consolidation Loan
Consolidate with one loan
Lower interest rates
Legal settlement with creditors
Smaller amount to pay off
Waive late fees
Maybe we can consolidate all our debt into one loan with a much lower interest rate. Also, we can talk to any of the people to whom you owe money to see if they will accept lower payments, lower interest or accept a lower amount to be paid off.
Apply for a Consolidation Loan
Debt free financial start
No more collection activity
Keep a part of your assets
Stop incurring more debt
Repair your credit rating
Perhaps you have just too much debt and it is better for you to make a fresh start with no debt. Then we can look at Bankruptcy or a Debt Relief Order and help you through those processes so they don't have to be a worry.
Reverse or Cancel Bankruptcy
By offering you impartial and trustworthy advice, we can help you

  • take control of your finances
  • deal with your creditors
  • reduce the amount of money you have to pay out every month

To deal with debt effectively you need to take positive action and, generally, with professional help. We will help you prioritise your debts into those that are more important to pay off and those that can wait.

What happens to both individuals and businesses – they borrow; they have difficulty paying back the money; their credit rating goes down; they try and borrow more and the costs of borrowing keep rising. This is called a debt cycle.

You also know that being in debt is something that has happened probably because of your own actions. However, this does not mean that you have to deal with it on your own. We know friends and family may help – but it’s sometimes difficult to talk about money.

We will help you stop the debt cycle!

After getting to know your situation, we can help you plan your income and expenses to stop you getting further into debt. The next step is to find a debt relief solution that will not only help you solve the actual problems, but will have a positive impact on your financial future.

With customized solutions and proper guidance you can recover from a debt and learn how to manage your debt in a less stressful manner.
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