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The United Kingdom is Debt Stressed

Everyone these days is stressed. Unfortunately, it is how quite a few people all across the globe manage to get through their days, due to the amount of stress pushing them on and on. It is pandemic in nature, and out of all GP visits, 80 percent of those are directly related to stress. Britain is now so stressed out that it is a requirement to talk about stress in the working environment.
  • Just in 2008, there were over 13.5 million working days that were lost by people who had to take off for stress-related illness, and as a result, the UK economy lost somewhere around £3.7 billion. It doesn’t matter if it was from actually losing a job, having a career they didn’t want, relationship problems, or just financial problems, but there were over 563,000 individuals in the UK who are dealing with stress, anxiety or depression specifically related to their jobs. Unfortunately, stress tends to suck away confidence, so it’s time to make sure you are motivated, willing and able to take action on parts of your life you’re not happy with.
A big part of this is because of debt, but before you can even start to solve your problems, it is important to know the signs of being over-stressed. The first signs, the indicators that are more common than anything else and typically ignored, involve headaches and increasing migraines, as well as avoidance to situations that worry you. Or, maybe it is just that you can’t seem to stop worrying about things. This even carries over to people being too stressed or worried to eat or sleep, but real stress tends to show when illnesses are frequent or you find yourself dealing with relationships where you are causing a lot of friction between you and someone else.

The best way to deal with stress is to actually do something about it, regardless of how big or small the action is. The reason why stress tends to become so bad is because people have a tendency to let the little things get to us and keep building up until you feel like you’re about to explode. Until you do something, those little things will make your stress levels rise. The best way to handle it is to actually do something about your problems if you can. Get a new job if you can’t stand your current one, or if you feel like you can’t get your head above the amount of work piled on you, then you need to delegate. Part of that involves learning how to make yourself relax and unwind, as well as taking the kinds of actions you need to when you can make the change.

It isn’t impossible to get out from under your stress, either. With little steps, you can help get yourself back on solid ground long enough to look at what you’re dealing with, reflect on it and then take a few simple actions. First of all, stop and make sure you breathe. Just a few deep breaths that you take slowly will go a very, very long way into making you feel better. Secondly, make sure that you take some sort of action. If that means you need to start sending out your CV again, finding something new to do for fun, switching credit cards, looking at your debts and prioritising them, or simply making sure you talk to the person stressing you out, then do it. Finally, you need to learn how to just let go. If you’re in a situation that is out of your control, you simply cannot do anything about it. So, change focus. Make a To Do list or listen to your radio, but find something else you can do so that you aren’t thinking of the things that make you stressed. Choose to push the stress away from you.
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